From 99 to 100: Developing a Theology of & for #OWS (Pt 3 of 3) #OccupyChurch

I believe that the most loving thing we can do for the richest and most powerful is to tell them the truth: call them to the truth and challenge them to live truthfully. After all, one of the spiritual works of mercy is to admonish sinners. If this is so, we must love the 1% enough to speak the truth to them, inviting them to justice, righteousness, and transformation, and inviting them to the 100%.

I’ve heard this,  and in terms of love for persons with whom we engage in dialogue,  this is true.  But what of those who diss such dialogue,  which is  exactly what so many do?  Are the claims “confrontive”?  Yes.  Are they libelous or unfair  or unrealistic? No.  At some point ,  the gulf remains because  those  in power wish to maintain it.


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