The disjointed blindness of the right wing rage over @AOC

The right wing uproar and energy seeking to laugh at @AOC is , itself, a gas.

The “she lacks brains” line, and others like it, are the rage on right wing comments, including a UM Facebook group that is frequented mostly by right wing conservatives.


Anyone with some quality education can recognize articulate passion and vision. She’s not only the thing that the GOP “SHOULD” fear, but also the Democratic alliance for the Status Quo “take it slow” approach to the Ecological Crisis. It is the hopeful reactions and joy over her emergence that will spell the end of “Either-Or” two-way choices in American politics.

The Facebook post to which I refer linked the article below

This post had nothing to do with AOC, but pure science, and how it is NOT political. But one commenter showed, in their eagerness to link it to something; ANYTHING, that they could rant about AOC, shows how purely political it is for them.


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