The “Cultural Cancer” that has infested the American Church

This was just posted to the Facebook Page of “The Christian Left”

For decades most “Christians” have lectured everyone around them telling them that to be a “Christian” you must be a Republican. They talk about everything that happens in culture and politics based on that belief, that right-wing ideology is the “Christian” ideology and everything else is evil, especially liberals.
So 8 years ago we start this page, where we can finally gather and discuss culture and politics based on our progressive perspective. And what do we hear almost every single day? “This page isn’t Christian.”
It’s sad how much of a cult American “Christianity” has become and how brainwashed its followers truly are.

— “The Christian Left”  on Facebook, Friday, August 25, 2017

These people saying Christians who back Progressive, justice-seeking measures as signs of a Beloved Community are “not Christian” are captive to a distorted, cultural cancer that has infested the American Church. We saw it in the Jim Crow South (and North), and now we see just how much of it has remained, seething below the surface (and often times, not so much “below the surface”). Add to that the massive spiritual crush so many in the Evangelical Right have for an obvious bigot, and renowned spoiled rich prick, and the sellout is now an open and rotting sore. And all of this on top of the massive disintegration of the ecological supports for life as we have known it in prior human history. It’s overwhelming at times. LOTS of times.


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