Eckstein wins amongst the winners, in a contest for MVP that could have arguable have gone to any of several.  But…..I want to talk about somebody who rarely got a mention after one those 99th percentile-type series performances. Honorable mention?  How about that EX-Red Sean Casey,  by far the best hitter of the series.  9 for 17 with 2 homeruns Continue Reading

Yankees. Baya!

Once again the “buy-a-baseball-club Club” is GONE ….no world series. Awwwwwwwwww! Poor Yankees! This insures that the team I want to win it all has won. The NOT-Yankees team. Actually, I’d kind like to see Cardinals vs Detroit (a 1968 Series rematch where instead of Gibson-Cepeda-Brock-Flood-McCarver vs Kaline-McAuliffe-McLain-Lolich-Freehan, we have Pujois-Carpenter-Rolen-Eckstein vs uhhhhhhh……Sean Casey and uhhhhhhhhh……..Todd Jones ……….I can’t think Continue Reading

Titans Unimpressive Again

Kerry Collins can’t hit the wide open man.  The one touchdown he got today was all receiver with a great diving play.  He consistently overshot wide open receivers all day long,  every time I walked back into the room when I heard signs of the Titans moving the ball.  A “quarterback rating” for me is useless if it can’t reflect Continue Reading

Now this is baseball

By stark contrast (see my previous post),  I was at a Reds game on Sunday,  and I saw a 2 run homerun in the bottom of the ninth to pull the Reds into a 5-4 victory.  I’ve seen many a “game-untying” walkoff homerun,  but only two “come from behind walkoffs” to turn a loss into a win.  In 1995,  my Continue Reading

Bonds and 715

I was shaking my head at the guys on ESPN are trying to separate the issue of the legitimacy of 715 from the steroid usage. They are spinning this for baseball, pure and simple. There IS NO SEPARATION. If he did this, as it seems he did, this is absolutely illegitimate. He CHEATED. The whole 1998 “Baseball Revival” brought about Continue Reading


During the last year, I’ve done virtually NO sports posts, which is very unrepresentative of me and my daily life, where I watch games, expecially college BB during March. I just saw this “Experts” pick page, and they all missed the final four. Exactly ONE person on this list picked ONE team correctly: the editor, Andy Glockner, who wasn’t even Continue Reading

March Madness

As you might could tell, I love NCAA basketball. (I am NOT in any way much of an NBA fan. I rarely watch it prior to the playoffs, and there I tend to watch only the semis and finals, but not even all of those games. With NCAA, I watch every minute of every Kentucky game (when I don’t forget Continue Reading

What were the Tourney Committee People Thinking?

I was shocked that Louisville, ranked #4 in the country, would get a 4 seed. They just dominated the 1 seed, Washington, that seemingly got the seed by being the only Western team anywhere close to the elite teams. Washington is a good team (87 points a game), but Louisville was seriously disrespected. They won the game 93-79. They took Continue Reading

Wish I could find a BitTorrent of Kentucky vs Louisville from December 2004

I have spent a fair amount of time looking for a download of the Kentucky-Louisville game from this past December. I am somewhat shocked that it is nowhere. In fact, sports are relatively rare, which is wierd, given how many fantasy players and sports fans there are. It almost verifies the idea that geeks are not sports fans. There are Continue Reading