@Vanderbilt Historian: #OWS movement right on time in new Gilded Age

All of the interview with Vanderbilt history prof Gary Gerstle from which a clip was used in a VUCast (Vandy’s YOuTube News Channel)  is available here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=ph79lbXaF5I#! He says “second gilded age” began under Reagan.  But only now has there been much of an outcry that could be identified,  until OWS.

Hillary’s manipulations of Obama’s ‘ideas’ remark

My animosity toward Hillary (mostly existing because of her support for the war and her taking money from Health Care companies)  has just risen to new heights,  due to the inane stunt she is pulling , twisting Obama’s words to absurd conclusions.  It’s insulting.  She said in the debate that Obama “liked” Reagan’s ideas.  I see nothing but the opposite Continue Reading