Will Willimon: Ayn Rand and Christmas

Will Willimon on Ayn Rand.  Excellent. Rand’s “Fountainhead” and “Atlas Shrugged” repudiate family and community. Their major characters’ families and spouses are leeches whose communities are filled with sponges attempting to live off the powerful, brilliant few. And what about this,  that Rand abhors the very concept of God.  Whaaaa?   GOP?  Christian prsperity gospel fundies?  Athiest?  OH,  I see why Continue Reading

longing for the God With Us

As is so often the case,  Dan has written a post ,  that as a Christmas reflection,  fits my own longings this year: We are reminded of how incapable we are of giving good gifts to others, and so we drive ourselves deeper and deeper into debt and exchange commodities with one another — commodities that, more often than not, Continue Reading