Put your Bibles away Rutherford County Islamaphobes. You’re embarassing

Whaley and other opponents of the mosque still say Islam is not a religion and should not be protected by the First Amendment.

via Judge Tells Rutherford County How to Solve Mosque Case – Nashville Public Radio.

Holy cow (no, that’s Hinduism 🙂 ) Murfreesboro Right Wingers still behaving like Right Wingers. Say Islam is just a “cover” for a political agenda (hmmmm. sounds like something we see certsin right wingers in this country do with their “religion”) Casting a theology net over state powers aimed at ridding the world of evil. Yep. Sounds familiar

Opponents of the mosque carried Bibles into a hearing on the matter and at one point cheered from the gallery.


This is one of those related but not directly economic protests. It has to do with REAL religious freedom; to actually be allowed to express one’s faith and observe, regardless of the inane interpretations of those who , by failure and refusal to understand it, resort only to widespread association with an “enemy”. Such could be said re: Christianity as the KKK spread its terror throughout the south, while a good portion of its members continued to “observe” their church going. Its a real good bet that the percentage of the active KKK that were active church members far outdistanced the percentage of violent “Islamic” terrorists who are ACTIVE Muslims. And yet this aspersion goes on. And aided and abetted by these “intellectuals” who revel intheir athiesm and yet display virulent , Islamphobic ideas. Strange tendenices.



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