Ruling on Islamic Ctr of Murfreesboro #Islamophobia #We’reBack!

Gadeir Abbas said in a news release. “If the Rutherford County Planning Commission does not immediately issue new permits for the mosque, we urge the Department of Justice to intervene in this case to support the religious rights of Tennessee Muslims.”

via Ruling leaves Islamic Center of Murfreesboro in limbo | The Daily News Journal |

That’s the ticket.  Action is neccessary AGAIN to deal with anti-Islamist folks still trying to block the opening of the Murfreesboro Islamic Center.

This time,  they say that “proper public notice was not given”,  even though it was in the legal meetings section of a newspaper distributed free to over 10,000 M’Boro residents.  The group also complained that Rutherford Co. has a cable station.  (You mean, “Public Access”?  and you think that people are tuned into that,  looking for public meeting notices?  I would bet a great deal that FAR fewer than 13,000 who receive the paper would be doing that.  This group’s claims are a stretch.  And why not?  Their idea  of Islam is a total phobia.   People could have had a much better claim against Christianity in the South when the KKK had  members all throughout churches in the South (inclusing W.Va.)  The degree to which violent KKK “cells” existed in churches far exceeds any such concentration of violent “Islamists” among the billions of Muslims in the world.


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