Obama on the Brink of Settlement With Big Banks? The Nation #OWS

Rather disturbing to see this ,  especially in light of Obama’s SOTU speech claiming to be “setting up financial fraud enforcement unit”.

Civil immunity would be granted to the banks for any role in foreclosure fraud, and there would be no investigations.

via Obama Is on the Brink of a Settlement With the Big Banks—and Progressives Are Furious | The Nation.

Don’t get me started on why the hell Obama made no mention whatsoever of #OWS,  when the relevancy of the movement is CLEARLY  in lock step with multiple themes of his speech.   WHY?  Until I see otherwise,  it’s very hard not to agree with Ralph Nader ‘s reaction to this glaring omission from the SOTU speech:  “Obama is a political coward”.  I hate to hear that.  I hate to admit that there is mounting evidence to support that.  So disappointing.  What’s even worse is that there is no viable alternative.  And if people stay home on election day (which they should not,  since a GOP victory would only worsen the problem),   it’s because Obama keeps showing by his actions (or  lack thereof)  that he is in no way shape or form a liberal,  radical,  or socialist,  becuase none of these groups support him.

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