Girding for a Republican Gavel at Climate Hearings – #climatechange #mythOfTheMythOfGlobalWarming

The article to which I link below spells out just some of the things these newly elected leaders want to spend time exploring.  Talk about your government waste.

It’s not “economically convenient” to believe what scientists are saying about climate change.  That would cost too damn much.  So the best thing to do is to deny it and seek to convince as many as possible that this is nonsense.

Such is the root of this argument.  Reminds me of the how the church burned as heretics those who proposed that the earth revolved around the sun because the Bible “science” said clearly the opposite. 

Difference in the two is that regarding the church and science,  AT LEAST there was a desire (however misguided and scientifically ignorant)  to heed what they considered to be the truth.

With these folks,  it is profit motive.  It is an attempt to obscure real dangers for the sake of corporate profits.  There are no doubt millions who fall prey to this misinformation.  But the perpetrators of this have no excuse ,  other than letting their pocketbook dictate to their brain.  Al Gore told us that “It’s difficult to understand something,  when your income depends upon your not understanding it”. 

Girding for a Republican Gavel at Climate Hearings –

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