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This looks like an amazing app.  It does a lot of intelligent social networking stuff.  The Bible part is also interesting.  It makes me wonder how it might also be expanded to venture into other books (via things like Library Thing or similar apps that seek to create communities around book readers.

It’s also interesting that such things arise not from the “established” churches (the “mainliners”)  but from the churches that i describe as “Open Source”—churches that have grown up in masse around the country.  Not all of these churches fir the “mega church” model.  Many of them are QUITE missional.  The Atlanta church “Courageous Church”  moved most of its operation (people)  to the center of the Atlanta flood area , working on various relief efforts.

It doesn’t bother me a great deal that so many users out there might be characterized as “evangelical” or conservative. What bothers me is that such thinking seems more prevalent and unfettered in the “Open Source Church” scenario.  Maybe the “establishment” needs to take some inventory and update its communications efforts.

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