Doc Searls Weblog · To win, you need to play

I agree with Doc.  WAY too early.  Premature.  Just like I say to right wingers who were pronouncing Obama’s presidency a failure before he even took office, and continue to do,  only 8 months in.


We didn’t pay much attention on this side of the pond, but Barack Obama’s speeches in Cairo and Berlin were smash hits. The guy is a star. He gives the world hope that the U.S. isn’t fucking nuts after all. This is not a small thing. But there is a huge difference between promise and delivery. Gas alone is not transportation. You gotta drive.

Obama ran (and voted) against the wars in Iran and Afghanistan. Both continue under his command. He backed off on missle installations in Poland and got warm reciprocal sounds out of the Kremlin, which is … something, I guess. He has led efforts toward peace between Israel and its neighbors, but every U.S. president since the founding of Israel has done that. Or tried. Results so far–on any of this? Nada.

I’m all for giving the guy a chance, but why hang a garland on him when the race has hardly begun?

Doc Searls Weblog · To win, you need to play

Andrew Sullivan (also hat tip to Doc in this post)  says : “History alone can judge that, and history hasn’t happened yet.”

Indeed.  This is somewhat crazy.  I’m behind his EARNING it.  But he DOES have to earn it,  not just TALK about it.  It also is a bit of a slap in the face of those who won it after years, decades,  of good work and dedicated service.  

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