Always more with the right tools

In reading about an immanent upgrade to Daily Kos, which was tweeted by Dan Gillmor (@dangillmor) and which I just re-tweeted, Kos says something that struck me:

But, the community can always do more if it has the right tools, and so I’m embarking on this major (and dangerous) project to try and give them even more ability to shape the direction of the site.

Daily Kos: State of the Nation

“the community can always do more if it has the right tools”

While there a a lot of “design” things to do with Websites,  and many backend features to use and abuse,  enabling the community is king.  Kos knows this.  Daily Kos has become the king of political sites because it knows this.  So when is the church going to get over its “spoon feeding” mentality;  that it has to direct the conversation?  That it has to “watch out” for what people might say.  The Netizens know that this is the voice of the crowd,  which is made up of individuals.  In fact,  I believe it to be an earmark of the church.  A BODY,  working together to create/be an outpost of the Kingdom of God.  “Spoon feed” it,  and you get an “audience” rather than a body. 


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