Informed Comment: McCain, Palin and New Orleans

Like this really surprises me, especially number 2, which is the first thing that my mind went to after hearing it was the “Alaska” governor. Christian Right, Alaska oil-drilling, “woman” (Bill maher had Craig Furgoson on, and he was funny with his “oh, she’s a lady, she’ll take care of us” bit). She “fits” in (except for the fact that nobody knows her and she’s been a governor for about a max of 2 years, before that a mayor of an Alaskan town of 8000)

Sarah Palin does not think global warming is man-made! But then she thinks we should indoctrinate our children in the theory that Jesus rode a small dinosaur into Jerusalem, as well. And, she is in favor of drilling pristine lands in Alaska (her husband works for British Petroleum):

Informed Comment: McCain, Palin and New Orleans

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