Informed Comment: Ali-Karamali: Of Documentaries and Dehumanization

Juan Cole has a guest Muslim blogger post about the problem of “documentaries” on Islam focusing on conflict and contradiction .  The part I put in bold is where I laughed,  knowing that this is exactly what the Islam-o-phobes do in their own native faith of Christianity’s texts

now National Geographic has aired a documentary, Inside the Koran,) which features depictions of the Shi’a as “sinners,” and promotes a fractured view of Islam. (It also contains all sorts of other problems, as it confuses culture with Islamic doctrine, doesn’t explain the context of the verses it quotes, characterizes the Qur’an as inconsistent and contradictory – as if the Qur’an is the only religious text that’s ever been interpreted differently by different people – and features no Qur’anic experts discussing the historical, intertextual, and linguistic features of the Qur’an that actually do render it consistent.) And it contains lots and lots of violence, because so many people erroneously think it is impossible to discuss Islam without explaining it in a violent context.
I find this constant conditioning, and in this particular case, the constant portrayal of Sunni and Shi’a Islam as adversarial, extremely damaging. It’s self-fulfilling, dehumanizing, and inaccurate.

Informed Comment: Ali-Karamali: Of Documentaries and Dehumanization


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