The Irony of the ‘Bitter’ Pill

The irony here is that the very folks who voted against their own best interests are now being encouraged to do so again by this very flack,  aimed at a candidate that is INFINITELY more likely to help them,  the “bitter” than the platitiude pushing phonies like Hillary,  and by a more sincere, yet still sickly platitude pushing McCain.  Neither of these,  the 109 million dollar Hillary,  or the Republican McCain,  who has basically sold out on much of his independent, “maverick” individuality in order to run for president,  who seems much more likely to default to the same folks that put Bush/Cheney in power.

These same urges to “vote fear” and “vote values” and “vote Christian (which still holds sway in “heart of America churches where simplistic pastors still preach Republican “values” and a “strong America” to keep America safe for democracy and Christian freedom.

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