Clinton’s Income

The tax records Clinton 109 million, Obama 1 million

Neither of these candidates live in your world.  As if none of us knew that already,  but Dave below posted about this,  and I think he’s right that she is so much further away from the rest of us.  I think mostly because this is her whole life, isn’t it? Does she have an early life that is anywhere close to the humble beginnings of Obama?  But…’s not really a slam dunk on the issue of “her world” vs “his world” and who is “closer to the people”.  Do humble beginnings provide that much of an insight into the loves of ordinary people if one is no longer one of them?  I know people who have used their “humble circumstances” to grow in themselves a lust for the riches,  and attach themselves to the various “Anthony Robbins” type messages,  and adopted into their theology a “success/prosperity” message that ends up making them callous,  even unconsciously hostile to the people from whom they emerged.  They achieve an unprecedented level of success for someone from their circumstances,  and they therefore reject and run away from all they have been,  hoping that “they’ll never have to be THAT again”.

But there is a line,  somewhere along the way from 1 to 109 million,  where a wall is built between the haves and the have nots.  Perhaps the wall grows thicker the deeper you get in. 

Here’s Dave:

I watched Primary Colors the other night, it served as a reminder of the cult around the Clintons in the early 90s. I didn’t like them, but enough people did, so he won. He cut corners, lied into the camera, but exuded a charm that was compelling. This time, sad to say, the lies and cut corners are still there, but the charm isn’t. And to see where that went, look at the tax returns. The Clintons don’t live on the same plane as you and I. The air they breathe is richer. Their friends are powerful. Once she’s elected that’ll be the last we hear from her till she wants to be re-elected, just like the current president.

Why this is the end for the Clintons (Scripting News)

I get that from Hillary.  She has ZERO skill in even faking a “common person” advocacy.  I get that from my own memory of watching Primary Colors,  which has been brought back to the fore because of how that movie portrayed that “Clinton-clone” couple as placing ends far above means.  This campaign has reminded me of that.


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