Mitchell Report and Baseball Budgets

On the way home Thursday on the sports talk shows on ESPN radio,  I heard a segment on some aspect of the Mitchell report,  and then a report on A-Rod’s new contract,  I wondered if this is the thing that’s going to make all the crazy salaries being paid come to bite them big time.  What is the fan reaction going to be.  For me,  this is even bigger than the strike(s).  In fact,  the two guys who many credit with “saving baseball” with their home run performances in 1998 and 1999, McGwire and Sosa,  although not named in the report,  may yet emerge from this.  Both seem to be a logical suspicious candidate.   Both broke down physically  almost immediately as the doped up suspicions arose,  making it almost clear that they were indeed being propped up by their “enhancements”.

But let’s see what happens to fan support in baseball this year.  We will probably hear more bad news for baseball yet before the 2008 season opens.  I would hope that the clubs paying all these monstrous salaries are on edge about how big this is going to hit them. 

The Official Site of Major League Baseball: News: Mitchell Report


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