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Amen , Steve. 

While the other candidates are talking about under what circumstances the use of nuclear weapons should be “on the table,” Edwards and Kucinich are willing to stick their necks out and confront the patent immorality of continuing to possess weapons which could annihilate the entire world in the span of an hour.

And so continue our other “leaders” in their insistence that we “be real” and justify our country’s rather obvious hypocrisy in condemning the nuclear ambitions of other countries because they ,  as we all know,  are “dangerous” and can’t be trusted to have them for the same reason we do (for “deterrence”),  and what we don’t say but continue to do : as “threat” (ie. “all options are on the table”).  If Iran were to say that,  it would be dev con 1.  Madness.

The Mountaintop » Common Sense

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