A Christian School’s Commitment to Free Enterprise?

Colorado Christian University president U.S. Sen. William Armstrong, R-Colo. has some telling things to say about the way so many nationalistic Christians are unable to identify how allegiances to systems may clash,  especially where it concerns American systems that have become so heretically synonymous with the Kingdom of God. 

Armstrong fired Paquin from a position teaching global studies at the end of the spring semester amid concerns that his lessons were too radical and undermined the school’s commitment to the free enterprise system.

“commitment to the free enterprise system”?  !!!!!  Excuse me,  but is there not just ONE commitment in the world of the Christian,  and that is to ,  as Derek Webb implores us:  “a King and a Kingdom”,  not “to democracy or blood” or to “flag or country or land”.  The idea that “none of these things are contradictory” is nonsense.  To get upset at the idea that our “first allegiance is not to flag or country” because this is “America bashing” is symptomatic of a serious problem.  The Derek Webb song even says “FIRST allegiance” (I have a problem using the word “allegiance” at all where it concerns “OTHER” allegiances.  All “values” do not entail “allegiance” in the sense that we should be thinking of the concept as Christians.  This is the problem with those OTHER allegiances.  They tend to be very territorial.

Rocky Mountain News – Firing of prof at Colorado Christian puts focus on Christ and capitalism

There was a post on God’s Politics blog about this,  since it was mentioned that the fired professor assigned articles by Jim Wallis:

Capitalism, in fact, appears to be Jesus’ preferred economic system.

“I don’t think there is another system that is more consistent with the teachings of Jesus Christ,” Armstrong told the Rocky Mountain News. “What the university stands for, among other things, is free markets.”

They “stand for” free markets.  How charming.

Armstrong didn’t specify exactly how the writings of Singer or Wallis contradicted his beloved free-market ideology. Paquin’s own non-profit actually offers mirco-loans to help Africans start small businesses, and he has plenty of nice things to say about capitalism. “But,” he told the Rocky Mountain News, “I’d stop short of deifying it.”

Colorado Christian University, based in Lakewood, Colorado, adopted a set of “strategic objectives” last year, one of which was the desire to “impact our culture in support of traditional family values, sanctity of life, compassion for the poor, biblical view of human nature, limited government, personal freedom, free markets, natural law, original intent of the Constitution and Western civilization.”

I always like it when they say “original intent”,  a sure sign of some form of re-writing.

Armstrong told the Rocky Mountain News that he was “probably” part of the Religious Right.

Trust me, Bill. You qualify.

God’s Politics – Prof Caught Red-Handed Reading Jim Wallis
by Randall Balmer


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