This is "why they hate us"

Not the inane blather fed to us by the Bush administration (“they hate our freedoms”, etc.),  but rather,  crap like this:

SANGIN, Afghanistan — A senior British commander in southern Afghanistan said in recent weeks that he had asked that American Special Forces leave his area of operations because the high level of civilian casualties they had caused was making it difficult to win over local people.

British Criticize U.S. Air Attacks in Afghan Region – The Huffington Post

And the leaders keep blathering on about “that’s war” and “regrettable”,  all the while proving how thoroughly they’ve bought into the myth of war,  and all its dogmas.  “Collateral damage” is the dogma here,  and it is “unavoidable”.  No.  It IS avoidable.  DON’T drop bombs on cities, towns,  etc. where, you know, PEOPLE live.  In our country, we don’t blow up apartment buildings where “criminals” MIGHT live,  and just sigh and talk about how “regrettable” civilian deaths are.  In war, however,  we make this excuse all the time.  It’s the “anonymous”, “foreign” deaths of people in cultures foreign to our own that are ultimately “acceptable”.  We also would not stand for such battles to be waged “on our soil”.  Life here is to be protected at all costs from random acts causing “collateral damage”. 

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