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Immediately I stop when I see the account setup after signing in.  I don’t want to enter my email passwords into a system external to that email system.  It just seems a little scary.  I know there must be something that makes this OK, since Facebook is widely used,  even by people who are anti-spam and careful about security.  I may have to ask some of my younger more facebook-savvy folks at work.  Geez,  I must be getting old. 


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  1. Theoblogical Post author

    thanks. I did find that out as I looked (should have updated my post here)….are you on facebook….I was going to post my Facebook URL, but it requires login…..I’ll have to explore this a bit more…..I saw an article about the stuff they’re adding (like feeds for Friend’s posts, etc.) Dave Winer, who is like the father of RSS (scripting.com) has an article here

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