Catholic vs Modern?

 JKA Smith offers this in his reactions to Peter Rollins book How Not to Speak of God

Despite the “postmodern” critiques of religion offered by Derrida, Caputo, et. al., I find that they continue to exhibit this modernist paradigm insofar as they still think that religion comes down to a matter of knowledge (or rather, not knowing).  And I wonder if we don’t see the lingering effects of this in the liturgies sketched in Part 2 of How (Not) to Speak of God.  Granted, this isn’t a pure rationalism–there are aspects of affective embodiment, and they are ‘liturgies,’ after all; but I do wonder whether they’re still not primarily “driven” by quite heady, cognitive, didactic concerns.  In this way, they tend to reflect the kinds of wrestlings and wranglings of a certain class who have had the opportunity to get to have such doubts. 

JKA Smith in the church and postmodern culture: conversation: Is the Future Catholic?

I might add the relational part……it seems that the “event” orientation (in the more negative, “mass audience”/Megachurch sense) of much of “worship” in contemporary church is for a bunch of individuals,  in keeping with the entertainment model of our culture.  Not only is this anti-communal,  but it is also wrong liturgically.  It is certainly “low church” in the absence of the emphasis upon lived tradition and authority,  but also in its capitulation to the culture (toward individualism) and thus away from community in the church sense;  as a community gathered to corporately express their dependence upon God as a body.  This needs further fleshing. 

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