Quiet on the Theological Front

I had not checked the blogs in my RSS list since yesterday early afternoon,  but I found nothing new this morning.

Yesterday,  I mentioned that I would be heading over the bookstore to see about getting a copy of “How Not To Speak of God” by Peter Rollins.  I found the book at Borders,  but in perusing it for a bit,  it didn’t seem to fit what I had expected.

One,  it’s rather small,  paperback,  and expensive (20 bucks for what is an even smaller book when you look at the theological vs praxis sections….not that praxis is not an integral part of this…..but I didn’t find anything that jumped out at me in my perusal that motivated me sufficiently to make the purchase.  Much of that may well have to do with my general sense of disconnection with the church,  and the themes I admittedly “skimmed” in Rollins’ book didn’t strike me as all that new.  But I know that 5-10 minutes of standing at the shelf flipping through it in Borders probably wasn’t fair,  but , well,   there it is.  I didn’t buy it. 

I just read some of the commenting and postings on the book over at

the church and postmodern culture: conversation: October 2006 (but…..I just noticed the 5th engagement occurs in the first November post,  following the October posts,  and it is from JKA Smith,  so I read on……..

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