Longing for a Pure Event

 Excellent stuff on the recognition of truth and revelation

…..we cannot respond by arguing that any sort of irrefutable sign, or pure event, has occurred. If the advent and the resurrection of the Son of God was open to manipulation and interpretation even during Jesus’ lifetime then we cannot claim revelation as the sort of universally binding pure event for which so many are longing.

…Critical realism reminds us that both those who claim total objectivity and those who claim total subjectivity tend to crucify others.

It seems like that , for me,  the “pure event” I am waiting for; looking for;  longing for,  is the community where call, revelation, discernment,  and embodiment as an alternative community that strives for a life that confronts the sins of capitalism, individualism, and violence. To do this,  we can’t just “talk about it”.  Indeed,  we don’t even do that , or do much of it at all.  The Church of the Saviour has long held up the stance of the alcoholics anonymous: the recognition that there are “forces” that we can only resist as a community dependent upon radical support.  In the church,  we have no “sponsors” of any kind,  except in the movements that most consider “going deeper” or “specialized” efforts that effect that whole as little subcultures,  but have no real significant place in the expectations of the whole body.


On Journeying with those in Exile: Longing for a Pure Event

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