Bonds and Baseball

I’ve said if before,  but now I need to say it again.  Baseball records need to re-institute the asterisks rule on the homerun record.  Only instead of an asterisks,  use the RX symbol (as Al Franken once said re: this issue).

I am ,  as an MLB  baseball fan, sick about this.  There are mounds of evidence that Bonds doped up,  and yet baseball apparently thinks it’s better to sweep this under the rug.  Fans boo Bonds everywhere. 

ESPN people talk about this in terms like “it’s a shame this has to overshadow the accomplishments”.  What “accomplishments”?  That he flatout cheated to attain a physical advantage? 

This whole thing has evaporated my Dad’s interest in major league baseball,  from whom I inherited much of my own enthusiasm.  Of course,  there’s also the fact that Griifey Jr. trails not one,  but two “dopers” (the other being Sammy Sosa,  who has largely escaped much of the scrutiny.  He had the additional stigma of using a corked bat,  which also had no consequences for him (except his credibility).  The way both Sosa and McGwire just totally collapsed into disrepair after the steroid scandals began tells me how much this was “propping them up” and “enhancing” their performance.  Bonds did the same.  Since the investigations started,  Bonds’ health has been a constant problem.

(Flash: On ESPN right now: “Bonds grand jury investigation extended 6 months”.  Perhaps this is something to hope for.  Of course,  Selig is a useless commissioner.  I was against this guy being commissioner since his installation by the owners — of which he himself was one.  That was the thing that,  added to the labor problems and strikes,  really spiked my disillusionment about the MLB game.

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