Five Years Blogging at Theoblogical

 Today’s the day.  I opened a blogger account in 2002 and started moving some stuff over from my pre-blogging days,   a lot of which was , in effect,  blogging.   I began using Radio Userland later in the month (on the 25th)  when I was on vacation and using a borrowed laptop from work.  On October 30, 2003,  I started using Movable Type after posting became too long of a process,  and Radio’s all too frequent re-posting of ALL my posts up to that point,  which took hours to complete each time that happened.  The interface also began refreshing and zapping all that I had written in that post up to that point….and when I was doing a longer post,  that was extremely frustrating.  So on April 29, 2006,  I began using WordPress.  I REALLY want to use Community Server,  but as of yet I have been unsuccessful in getting an import from a BLogML file to work (check that,  I have been unable to get an EXPORT from WordPress to BlogML to complete the task of writing a BlogML file of my entire blog (now over 4000 posts,  3170 of which are published,  and the remaining ones are drafts I saved for later completion,  that I never got back to,  or thoughts I began and decided not to post).

Anyway,  I’m in a cycle right now where I am at an all-time low re: my enthusiasm for blogging (No,  I’m not quitting or going on sabbatical or anything.  I’m just a bit disappointed at the “conversation” lately,  not just here (where I never had a whole lot of different people commenting),  but across that “galaxy” of the blogosphere that I frequent.  The “blog” has lost some of its novelty (or a lot of it) and is “old news”.  “Blog Conferences” are a lot more rare (which isn’t really a bad thing),  but just give an indication of how much less “energy” there is around this.  “Social Networking” has become the new “must have” (kind of like “portals” were 5-6 years ago).  So now everybody is trying to launch the next “MySpace” or “Facebook” (the latter of which is trying to do a “face-lift”—-heh heh, sorry). 

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I am a Web developer with a background in theology, sociology and communications. I love to read, watch movies, sports, and am looking for authentic church.

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