George Weigel and Just War at Theoblogical

Darn it!  My mail notification for comments is not working again!  (update: well,  yeah it did work. What happened was that my Outlook at work checks two of my home mail accounts and removes them from the server,  so my home Outlook didn’t store it. I see the notification in my Outllook account at work under that folder into which I automatically put all the mail from that account)  I happened to notice my RSS comments feed had a new entry today (actually yesterday), and I discovered a comment from Eric on my George Wiegel/Just War post that Cavanaugh’s blog piece on God’s politics had put on my radar.  I had several responses to what Eric commented.  Of course , as always,  everyone is welcome to chime in as well.  It’s a very interesting and challenging discussion as to where that proper “balance” or “approach” to the state is with regards to the church,  and how the “just war” discussion fits into all that. 

Link to George Weigel and Just War at Theoblogical

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