The “liberal bias” of the Bible is just “Bible” without the associations

On us “liberals” who are concerned and upset over the UMC GC vote and its implications for the future, and not happy that “the Bible was upheld” (it wasn’t):

Those “liberals” are also Bible readers and church members and Christians, many of which actually have family members and close friends with whom they talk and share about the experience of GLBTQ in our churches. If it’s “liberal” to have actual relationships and truly know and love all people and these in particular; these friends and family, then we wear that badge proudly. But , be assured that we also see Jesus and the full breadth and width and diversity of the Biblical story, and I must say, we see that you are privileging selective portions. We do that , too, and they tend to be the gospels and the Epistles of John and James, which clearly “privilege” love and care over “doctrine” which demands a certain reading. We read everything. We choose to “err on the side of inclusion”.


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