The way forward ?!

After the past two days (the events of Tuesday, and the “day after” emotional experiences)

and numbness and raw anger and uncertainty about the future (along with hopes for the possibilities that might arise from this wreckage),

I am , today, in a kind of “debilitated” mode, finding it hard to shake off and move ahead, particularly since I have a feeling of loss of some possibilities for the future to which I had previously felt “committed” re: my UMC loyalty.

I’m kind of shaking my head in agreement to all the people telling me that the UMC is not the place to pin any hopes for significant ecological response. I am warming up to the idea of something “else” being our best alternative. What comforts me re: my “previous” UMC-commitment-hope is that there are many “UMC refugees” who are talking this way.

So I am not worried that I will stay “stuck”, but just letting this be and flow out on to this post, and onto my blog and other social media to which I usually let these ideas flow. Just “being still”, as relatively unsettled as that is manifested right now.


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