That’s just who God is

 This is a great post on the Daily posts at inward/outward:

[Clarence Jordan recounts a conversation with a church deacon in which the man said he would do business with Jordan if he made a public statement in the local Americus, Georgia, paper that they no longer believed in integration]:

I said, “Now, my dear friend, we didn’t come in here to trade our souls. But, you got us wrong. We never have from the beginning said we believe in integration…. All we’ve ever said is that God is no respecter of persons, that there’s no white and black in the household of God.”

“Good God A’mighty, that’s integration, ain’t it?”

“No sir, that isn’t integration,” I said. “That’s the nature of God. And I don’t see any point in us puttin’ a little ad in the Americus paper that God ain’t what He used to be. In the first place, I don’t think God would even see it. He gets the Atlanta Journal. But assuming that He did see it, I don’t think it’d make much impression on Him…. Maybe we just have to make up our minds to get along with God and let Him be what He is.”

Source: Cotton Patch Parables of Liberation

Source: inward/outward


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