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 Eric tagged me,  along with Rusty, Charlie,  and Kaz,  all of whom I just met at Kansas City.  So I’ll be working on that in just a few minutes.  But ,  what a great time at KC!  Lots to mull over and I bought several good books. 

Sanctify Them in the Truth: Holiness Exemplified

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One is Stanley Hauerwas’ Sanctify Them In The Truth: Holiness Exemplified.  I’ve already read it once (I checked it out a year or so ago from the Vandy Divinity School library),  but I wanted a copy,  so I got it. 




Cities of God (Radical Orthodoxy)I also picked up Graham Ward’s Cities of God,  which I’ve been wanting to read for a long time.  It was the book I chose to help me get into Augustine,  and I’m attracted to its theme of the polis as the site of God’s people living as God intended (or at least that’s my quickly explanation of the basic theme of the “City” which is being explored. 




Friendship and Ways to TruthI also got David Burrell’s Friendship and Ways to Truth.  I picked this because I certainly believe that Hauerwas is on to something when he says that a key ROLE of the church in our day is to show what friendship is about.  This fits with my experience,  and jives also with my sense of the Church of the Saviour and its stress on accountability as key aspect of formation as members.  I won’t know until I read this where Burrell takes this,  but I shall see.  It’s a pretty short book.  (111 pages and fairly small size book.


The Nature of Doctrine: Religion and Theology in a Postliberal AgeGeorge Lindbeck’s The Nature of Doctrine: Religion and Theology in a Postliberal Age.  I wish I had read more of Lindbeck before the KC conference,  because I felt coming out that there wasn’t much I retained from what he presented.  I get the sense that had I read this book,  I would have had a much keener interest in how he came to this sense of the Postliberal Age,  and the dynamics of his efforts in ecumenism.  That’s why I’m glad I took a lot of video,  and hopefully I can get some audio recordings that I can use to up the audio quality of my video.

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