Back from KC

 I just got back (actually,  about 4 hours ago) from KC (Kansas City MO) where Stanley Hauerwas,  George Lindbeck,  and David Burrell were the “featured reflectors” (my word,  not the conference’s)  on the question “Is the Reformation Over?”  I met for the first time FTF,  Eric Lee,  whose been an online blog really good friend.  It was a fun 43 or so hours.  Hanging out with Eric also meant hanging out with Kaz, Charlie,  and Rusty,  to name a few.  The latter three are good friends of Eric,  Charlie Pardue being another blog I check in on often (as often as he posts).  It was fun meeting Eric and all the others.  I’ll have much more on the conversations that went on (and some video with what I discovered was pretty crappy audio.  It sounded fine (with a few glitches) live,  but the video mike had trouble with the acoustics.   I’m hoping I can get the audio tapes and maybe play with them to sync things up (I know the speed will probably have to be tweaked too,   since there are ever so subtle differences with various recording formats.  Sometimes it can be hard to get this right with audio sync up with video (maybe my Pinnacle software will help me with this).

Stay tuned.   Right now,  I gotta eat.  I just realized I didn’t eat lunch.  (I got on the plane at KC at noon ,  and have been busy at home trying to set up my daughter’s computer upgrade from a PC I brought home from work on Wednesday.

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