30 Years of the Door on DVD

click to see larger size image This was my first issue that began a long subscription that was to last about 15 years. I recently ordered from The Door Store this DVD containing pdfs of the first 30 years.  I was a little disappointed to discover the difficulty of searching (since there is no overall search).  Maybe I can find a directory search that searches the text of pdfs. 

This stuff was great reading for a growing college, seminary,  and youth minister’s mind.  I was introduced to a host of people, through the Door Interview each issue, many of whom became my favorite authors. 

I include The Wittenburg Door on my list of influential people on a page I did several years ago called Balcony People

 Since I can copy and paste text from the pdfs,  I’ll be able to share some of my favorite articles from those years.  The magazine became much less interesting to me after Youth Specialties gave it over to the Trinity Foundation

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