Titans Got Their Present From Santa, and couldn’t do their part

The Titans needed a gift from Santa to get into the playoffs.  With a win at home vs the Pats (no easy task),  they also needed KC to beat Jacksonville,  The Steelers to beat Cincinnati at Cincinnati,  and THEN have lowly San Francisco beat Denver at Denver.  The Titans lost out.  They were within 3 at 26-23 with 6 minutes to go,  but could not catch up,  and surrendered two late scores to lose 40-23,  and then had to look on as their dream scenario results all happened (two of them while they were still playing,  the final one,  the most unlikely,  unfolded before their eyes,  and missed the chance to be the first team to make the postseason after starting 0-5.  REAL turnaround, though.  They ended up coming REAL close.  The Titans two TDs were vintage Titans 2006,  one on PacMan Jone’s 81 yard punt return with under a minute left in the first half to make it 19-10 Pats, and one on Vince Young’s 28-yard rush from the pocket late in the third quarter to make it 26-23 Pats.

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