If Obama Runs and Wins

Something that occurred to me just now.  If Obama runs and wins in ’08  ,  would that make the United States an “Obama-nation”?   Heh heh.  Maybe James K.A. Smith would think so ? (see Link to Fors Clavigera: Barak Obama: Another Reason to Leave the Christian Left )

Just kidding.  But I was trying to explain to my wife about how the United States is a liberal democracy,  whether conservatives or neocons are in power or not…..so I was saying ,  whether it’s “Reaganite” or “Bushite” or “Obam-ite”  or ,   an “Obama-nation” ,  then we both burst out laughing. 

I still think that Obama would be a vast improvement,  but still nothing sufficient to usher in the Kingdom (since I agree with JKA and Hauerwas and much of the Radically Orthodox  crowd that our liberal nation state sets up shrines of their own,  for all their claims to be free from theological leanings;  it’s just non-theological in name only. Their gods (and thus their “theology”)  are the false gods of capitalism and individualism. 

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