the church and postmodern culture: conversation: Why

Eric has alerted us to a new site , with Blog, hosted by Geoff Holsclaw and James KA Smith

the church and postmodern culture: conversation: Why
And if we want to prop up a “big tent,” we also see ourselves as only a small part of a bigger universe of conversations that we eagerly listen in on: such as conversations over at Think Tank, or in the Journal for Cultural and Religious Theory, or at Emergent Village.

At we’re looking forward to hearing from both established and emerging voices, both scholars and practitioners, theologians and pastors, philosophers and poets. We hope to alert you to new books, test out ideas and hypotheses, share info about events, engage in reading groups, launch new research programs, debate questions both new and old–and much more.

All this enthusiasm about conversation on these things is very encouraging,  and very engaging.  Makes me very glad I am in the business of encouraging people to interact online about and out of their experience of church.

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