Why No Theologians? Moyers Replies

After my question yesterday about seeing no theologians on the list of readings, I see this today on beliefnet:

Bill Moyers: Faith & Reason — Beliefnet.com
Why did you decide to just interview writers, rather than speaking to theologians, pastors, etc.?

I was looking for a fresh take. There\’s a spasm of fundamentalism in the world right now, and fundamentalism is at war with the imagination, at war with creativity, at war with freedom, especially freedom of the mind. And more often than not, the people who feel the weight of that war are writers, and [it is] writers who are exploring deep issues of faith and reason through language. Language gives them the capacity for nuance that you don\’t have in fundamentalist dogma or creeds or doctrines of any organized religion. So, if you want fresh takes on faith and reason today, go to the people who are thinking creatively about both and writing about both of them.

I’m not quite satisfied with that. It’s like Moyers is saying that someone like Hauerwas, Mclaren, Wallis, JKA Smith wouldn’t have a “fresh” approach. I certainly feel that “non-theologians” are also often some of the best theologians, and certainly artists and writers (like say, frederick Buechner), but I will follow the series and glean from it I’m sure a lot of issues concerning natural theology.

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