Looking Ahead in the Moyers Series

I haven’t heard of the people on the “Reading List” for the Faith and Reason series, so I am skeptical as to whether or not there will be anythign from anybody in Christian theology who will have a “church-centered” approach; in other words, an emphasis upon the “formative” role of the church as a “People of God”. Rushdie was interesting, but halfway through, when he made the remarks that elevated “broad perspective” to almost ultimate reality, I stopped the video, wrote my remarks (previous post) and then looked the “Reading List“. I’ve heard of Margaret Atwood, although I’ve never read anything by her. There doesn’t seem to be anything from any theologians, which I have a problem understanding how they can be left completely out of this conversation, especially since there would be quitea bit of discussion around the issues of “natural reason” etc..

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