Books In Wait

I stopped by and got a bag full of books from Vandy Divinity Library that I seriously doubt I will get through in two months, as follows:

Does God need the church? : toward a theology of the people of God Lohfink, Gerhard (Renewed it—almost done….beware of upcoming posts with my reactions—-book has been great—– many confronting , umcomfortable, troubling and yet hopeful things have arisen from it) HIGHLY recommended. I will probably have to buy me a copy after I have to turn it back in.

After Christendom? : how the church is to behave if freedom, justice, and a Christian nation are bad ideas Hauerwas, Stanley (Had to renew this one, still haven’t gotten to it, still poring over Lohfink)

New bag full:

Sanctify them in the truth : holiness exemplified Hauerwas, Stanley

Christianity Incorporated : how big business is buying the church Budde, Michael L.

Augustine and modernity Hanby, Michael

Liberation theology after the end of history : the refusal to cease suffering Bell, Daniel M.

Theopolitical imagination Cavanaugh, William T.

The two churches : Catholicism & capitalism in the world-system
Budde, Michael L.


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