So much better than a “Newsletter”, unless you wanna call it a “Virtual Church Update”

Was just talking to a friend about “Social Singularity” thoughts I’ve been writing about…

He mentioned a coffeehouse experience and the “sensory” , etc. that can’t be duplicated. We are heading for a “Social Singularity” that will make that LESS true; that we cant get that from a screen is true…but we wont be talking about “screens” in 20 years (maybe 30).  We’ll be “Nano-bot” connected between our brain visual and audio input centers (and perhaps olfactory and “taste/palate ” as well)  and another or multiple other “locations” to have a “common space” that includes ALL those spaces. This will be the future steps toward “full immersion” virtual reality. Only it will become LESS “virtual” aside from the location. This is what excites me.  And we are doing this with existing, real, biological human brains/persons doing the communicating.  Real people sharing real senses.

So,  the newsletter.   A newsletter is “news” because that’s the oldest paradigm for print.  To get important information from the surrounding world to a particular community.  What if it is no longer necessary to use the communication pieces to do ONLY those kinds of things?  (The case now).  What if a “newsletter” was also a way to come to a “Virtual Room” in the church (which is actually hooked up to the Net and is the “receiver” and transmitter of the visitor information/communication and of the elements of the room (which could be OTHER people,  instantiated from another connection to that same room (aka “Hangout” but with higher fidelity and bandwidth to include THEIR physical space information,  so that any two or three could visit anyone else,  or anyWHERE else (like a movie, in a VIRTUAL theater…. and on and on)

More later

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