We need to explore theological issues in the American stories & reports Moyers brings us #OWS

Once again, I want to repeat how glad I am to have the voice of Bill Moyers back on television.  A friend of mine has often lamented that Moyers should be on the news shows ALL THE TIME.  I agree.  He should be persistently pursued for the treasures of knowledge he aggregates in his wonderf ully informative interviews.  He brings us the voices that most eloquently articulate the freakin’ mess we’ve created for ourselves.

There was an unwritten bargain among generations: We didn’t all get the same deal, but we did get civilization.

Now the bargain’s being shredded. The people we met from Occupy Wall Street get it — you could tell from their slogans. One of the younger protesters wore a T-shirt emblazoned with the words: “The system’s not broken. It’s fixed.” That’s right — rigged. And that’s why so many are so angry. Not at wealth itself. But at the powerful players who win by fixing the game instead of by honest competition; at the crony capitalists who resort to tricks, loopholes, and cold cash to make sure insiders prosper — and then pull up the ladder behind them.


I am also excited that this has brought to the church (where they are somewhat consious and awake and not sound asleep)  an awakening to the harsh political realities that some have been warning us about for years.  When the Bible talks about the “principalities and powers”,  our present mess has  begun to bring home the deception and darkness that these powers represent. Rather than a devil with satanic rites,  we have this system geared toward repression,  using the engines of greed and the rich engorging themselves that is the real “values corruption”,  dwarfing the problems that are identified by the Religious Right,  and providing the impetus for all these symptomatic problems and striking closer to the  root causes.

So I consider Bill Moyers and important theologian for us.  We need to bring to the table the theological issues in the American stories and reports that Moyers brings us.


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