Some #OWS poetic theological reflection for Advent #occupytheology

From @RogerWolsey via his post on (link  below)

God is in the those who are reclaiming their gifts of prophecy and are speaking truth to power.

God is in that slip of paper that a protester slipped to Obama.

God is in that guy with the funny hat who handed that fox reporter his a$$ with a barrage of undeniable truth, and in how even though they didn’t air that clip, if it weren’t for fox being there to interview that guy, those truths wouldn’t’ve hit the net and gone viral.

adventus absurdus « Faith Forward.

Of course,  there are good comments on that post.  Some typical clueless ones,  and others in support.  But I am so glad that the Church seems to be “coming around” and joining the conversation.  Roger has been talking this talk since the get-go,  even before.  Blog on, brother!

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