“seamlessly into the world of globalized capitalism” via Chris Hedges

Chris Hedges ,  in reviewing a book by Dave Eggers,  describing the Saudi kingdom (“A Hologram for the King”),  sounds very accurate re: an alarming percentage of the Religious Right in this country:

outward religiosity and piety mask a moral and physical rot that fits seamlessly into the world of globalized capitalism


This “seamless  fit” is exactly what the oligarchy finds to be effective.  A little nudge from the 1% and their propaganda machine that churns out their “American narrative”,  easily sways the porous theology of the nationalistic,  essentially baptizing an adoption of Americanized hybrid spirituality.  One can hear the direct indicators of a wholesale adoption of “capitalism” and “free market”  in right wing Christian defenses of Tea Party  politics.  The Religious Right is now adopting the Paul Ryan fascination with a novelist with radical allegiance to Free Market,  and tries ,  at the same time,  to distance itself from the accompanying (and required)  disdain for the “lesser classes”,  and from its hard to deny atheism,  a trait that would be immediate fodder for spiritual warnings/rantings  against a Democrat even hinting at so much as an appreciation for other figures that can be linked to atheism (visa vi Obama and Saul Alinsky)

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