GOP Chair in Franklin Co. Ohio on Early Voting Cutbacks: “Urban Voting turnout machine” not worth “accomodating”

Franklin County (Columbus) GOP Chair Doug Preisse :

I guess I really actually feel we shouldn’t contort the voting process to accommodate the urban—(read African-American)—voter-turnout machine

Apparently,  Mr. Priesse seems to think that the “voter turnout machine” is somehow a form of cheating,  since he doesn’t consider them worthy of “accomodatation” to vote.  He baiscally is defending the idea of keeping their “turnout”  from having its impact;  keeping it fropm happening wherever they can.  Statements like this that belie their phony justifications and show them for what they are:  cynical. racist dismissals of VOTING RIGHTS.  He is revealing his defense of the disregard these people have for the process (however broken this process is in so many ways due to the money influence, it still has to be protected if this country is to meet standard one of what they claim is a democracy).

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