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the Occupy movement, through its steadfast refusal to respond to police provocation, resonated across the country. Losing this moral authority, this ability to show through nonviolent protest the corruption and decadence of the corporate state, would be crippling to the movement. It would reduce us to the moral degradation of our oppressors. And that is what our oppressors want.  — Chris Hedges in his post on Truth Dig

This is anoher of those deeply theological calls to reamin true to the philosophical and spirtual  power sources of the movement of Occupy.  It is also deeply ecumenical in that it not only expresses what Hedges believes to be the message of Jesus,  but also the deep moral underpinnings of many of the world’s most enduring religions (like Gandhi and Hindusim,  which he himself sought to use to appeal to the Muslims and Chriatians in India,  and was eventually the sin for which he was assasinated by fundamentlaist Hindus who felt he head betrayed them. )

Non-violence has been employed by not onloy Gandhi and Martin Luther King,  and Jesus,  but also Henry David Thoreau , who in turn infuenced Tolstoy.  It is a widely recognized tool (and much more importantly,  a “realization” and a “moral stance”) employed by a wide variety of peaceful resisters in history.

It is non-violent confrontation that has exposed the brutalities and cluelessness of the state in their reposne,  and often has proven to be disarming as former state practicioners have become resisters themselves.

And so Occupy does need to be clear about the depth of thier oppostion to the co-opters of the movement,  such as Black Bloc.  We all saw this first hand if we were watching Tim Pool as he brought us various “episodes” of @Timcast,  one of which featured the “Black Bloc tactic” imposed upon him physically (which is what Black Bloc does — it operates as a “contrar” cool foux-revolution with no desire to see the oppostion reformed or changed,  and this is at odds with the truly moral character of non-violent civil disobedience).

So three cheers for Tim for educating us about the tactic and its prescence in — no , not in,  but HIDING BEHIND Occupy,  as Hedges describes,  as a shield and a scapegoat for their inane selfish aims.  And I am developing a theological/political crush on Mr. Hedges.  I’m so greatful that he’s brought his keen pen to bear upon this issue and this movement.


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