More dangerous than WMD; actually they ARE WMDs

Indeed they are. When the world makes it a point to get together to address the ecological crisis, there comes a point when it behooves the world’s more sane leaders to decide to act against tyranny and destruction of life. This is such a case. This is FAR more apparent (and it also happens to be TRUE) than it was for WMD’s, or any other situations that Dick Cheney infamously dubbed his “One Percent Doctrine” (where he said that if there is as little as a 1% chance that enemies are going to strike, then a pre-emptive strike is warranted). The ecological crisis is definitively such a threat, Not 1%, not 25 or 50, but practically universally agreed upon.

 “ If the smoke clouds drifted only so far as the skies of São Paulo, other nations might be able to shrug off the problem as belonging to someone else. But one person shouldn’t have the power to set policies that doom the rest of humanity’s shot at mitigating rising temperatures.” — from the above article

Things like this are also reminding me of the denial of such groups as “United Methodists for Truth: Doctrinal Discussion for all Who Are Unafraid”. They flee from taking this seriously, to the point of posting numerous denier memes from non-scientific and right wing ideological sources with no apparent ability to defend them, and also finally ban any discussion of it. So now we have the above happening, and this group has NO ONE talking about this. NO ONE. It is a ghetto of what is important to life right now.
There was even a post yesterday of a quote: “Chris is either Lord of all, or he is not Lord at all” — Hudson Taylor.
If there was ever a “hint” that the world in which we live in, where God put humanity at the beginning in the Creation account, is a key factor in what defines “ALL”, it is this quote. But , in the gnostic bent of many “developed” countries and societies, the sacredness of Creation has been lost. And we ignore the way human life is degrading life for not only ourselves, but for the whole system.


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