The church isn’t helping us much at all; perhaps heightening the problem


“imagine what the cultural expression of climate change denial and avoidance does to compound the depression, anxiety, and grief! ”
— Margaret Swedish in New Creation News

[Okay, I should have announced that I would be taking a few weeks off from this blog, and I hope you haven’t missed me too much. I got tire…

reminds me of the church, and the problem this presents to the issue of dwindling membership. With so many experiencing this grief, it behooves us in the church to ask whether our own institutional denial — this is a practical denial, in the almost non-existent addressing of our ecological situation, in spite of the numbers of those who express “belief” in the problem of climate change — or the absence of a sense of urgency in our churches (notice how few church conversations and church news from denominational agencies deal with this topic) may well heighten the depression, given that we humans need places where we can unpack and explore how we are dealing with this.


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