The Road Must Travelled

I drew up this diagram back in 2016, when I was pondering the Presidential race in the backdrop of the growing Ecological Crisis (but I edited it to replace “Clinton” with “Gradualist” (which is the kind of Democrat who doesn’t really believe in a Green New Deal level approach):

A key for my terrible scribbling as I “drew” this up:
Starting at bottom center: “No bridge (burned)” Meaning, there’s no “going back”
To the left is the Home/Goal which is “Ecological Civilization”
That option 1 road: : “Option— Take a more direct road”
To the right: “Trump: Off the cliff after veering madly into the “Eco-Apocalpse”
up the road is “Gradualist” who tells to “keep on the straight” path (no rash actions, slowly up the road)
On the way, there is always the “Take this, ASAP” (“Green New Deal” is the today analog here)
Eventually, we reach the far shore, so we have to turn left, “Go here, [because there is] no more road”
All three “left turns” (no pun intended, really) are to aim us back at Ecological Civilization.
Eco-Apocalypse is closing in on us on all three sides, and the bridge is out behind us. God be with us!

Admittedly, I could use a “Molly Crabapple” level artist* to draw it up more convincing and colorful
She’s the one that did the art for that AOC narrated, Naomi Klein co-written, Avi Lewis produced video “A Message from the Future” (you suggested I do that, Leah Jacobs Schade, back when I showed this to you. Never followed through on that. )


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