“but rather artists”

The following gem* stuck out for me in one of my friend and teacher’s extraordinary stories he has shared:

““During one visit to our apartment, Herman is excited to tell me about one of his discoveries. He was translating an Ethiopian Targum (Hebrew O.T. text
translation into an ancient indigenous language) when he noted something important. The ancient scribe had treated the Hebrew word for God’s blessing of God’s creation is a different way. We usually treat the text as , “…saw that it was good.”

Herman’s text used the Ethiopian word: “…it was beautiful!”

“Dennis, that means that perhaps we should not think of the legal term “good”, but rather the aesthetic term “ beautiful.”

I smile at the implications of his insight.

“We are called not to be lawyers/moralists about creation, but rather artists.”” — Dennis C Benson https://buff.ly/2U4vDcv

* For the full and poignant story, see the link


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